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For most CMS you can just go to the login page and just request a new password or do it through the dashboard. This is a guide on doing it through the database in case you need to for anyone of these reasons:

  1. Only temporarily change the password and plan on changing it back.
  2. That option is disabled by a plugin.
  3. You do not have access to the email attached to the account

WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart, and Magento

  1. Open your database using PHPMyAdmin.
  2. Go to the users table not the user_meta one.
  3. Locate the row with your desired account usually by the username or the email.
  4. Click edit on the row.
    - If you plan on changing the password back copy the string of characters from the password section and paste it into a notepad document so you don't lose it.
  5. Put in your desired password replacing the existing content.
  6. In the area right next to it there are different encryption options. Select the MD5 one and click go.
  7. The password should not be an encrypted string of characters.
  8. Now the password is changed. If you need to put the old password back you can replace the new one with the old one you saved just make sure not to encrypt the password as it is already encrypted.


There are different steps for each different version of drupal but most follow the same steps at the beginning.

  1. Open PHPMyAdmin and login.
  2. Click on your database and go to the users table.
  3. Under user the select the user and edit it.
  4. Copy the current password hash (encrypted password) out of the "Value" field.
  5. Enter the temporary/new password inot the "Value" field.
    1. -Drupal v6
      -Choose MD5 for encryption and hit go
    2. -Drupal v7
      -Do not use the MD5 encryption, instead you will just type in your password and run a specific php file that does the encryption for you.
    3. -Drupal v8
      -Reset password through
      -The email must match a password on file.